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For Entering Students

Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: Most answers to frequently asked questions can be found on the MSPP website however this list provides those links and a detailed response (where possible).

Q: How do I obtain an MSPP email address?

A: As a student member of the community you will be assigned an MSPP email address. This is your electronic lifeline to MSPP. It is critical for all MSPP students to check their MSPP email on a regular basis. Your email account information is also the same as your MyCampus login. You will receive an email from the MSPP IT Department containing everything you need to activate your MSPP email account. You can access your email through

If you have specific email questions please contact

Q: What is MyCampus? How do I gain access?

A: MyCampus,, is MSPP's intranet system that allows students, faculty, and staff to share information and workflow. It is a one-stop portal for e-mail, course readings, discussions, academic calendar, registration and more. MyCampus allows for the storage of asynchronous course content as well as blogs and discussion forums that can be faculty-supervised or student-run. It is managed through Microsoft Sharepoint, a content management system that interacts with the school's Active Directory to give the entire MSPP community the ability to communicate within a collaborative workspace containing a platform for social networking.

Your email account login information will be your MyCampus login information. If you have specific questions please contact

Q: What is SSIG? How do I gain access?

A: SSIG, which stands for Secured Student Information Gateway, is MSPP's online Student Information System. SSIG is the site in which your personal data is stored, and for confidentiality reasons, all information on SSIG is password protected and SSL encrypted. You can log in to SSIG at with the same username and password you use for MyCampus.

On SSIG you can:

  • View Class and Courses Schedules
  • Add/Modify/And Drop Course Registrations (ONLY during the registration period)
  • View and Email your fellow classmates
  • View your grades and unofficial transcript
  • Run a Degree Audit
  • Check your student account balance and pay your tuition online
  • Submit your Course Evaluations

If you have specific questions please contact

Q: What is Moodle? How do I gain access?

A: Moodle is MSPP's Course Management System, which means it's the place you go to access your course websites. Almost all of your class materials will be housed in Moodle, and if you are a distance learning student, this is where your weekly discussions, assignments, and other class activities will take place.

You can log in to Moodle at with your MyCampus username and password.

If you have specific questions please contact

Q: How do I learn about field placement?

A: For many of the programs, information about beginning your field placement site search is sent to you from the Office of Field Education within one week of paying your initial deposit. For the MA/CAGS in School Psychology Program, the Director of the Program, Dr. Bob Lichtenstein, will contact you directly.

For Organizational and Leadership Psychology Department programs, students can begin setting up their field work as soon as they have made their first payment and are enrolled. They can do this by reaching out to Dr. Kathryn Stanley (, Associate Director of Field Education for MAOP/ OLP. The FP course officially starts after fundamentals week and will be an online course.

Q: Where can I find out about housing options?

A: Our first recommendation is that you begin your search early. The downtown section of Boston tends to be high priced, while the surrounding communities tend to have more affordable options. The great majority of students live in communities such as: Allston, Jamaica Plain, Brighton, Roslindale, West Roxbury, Hyde Park or suburbs such as Brookline, Dedham, Newton, Cambridge, Somerville, to name a few.

For students not familiar with the Greater Boston Area, choosing a location can be difficult. We recommend reading The Guide to Boston and consulting with your advisor about locations that best fit your needs and interests.

Please see the MSPP Housing Website for a comprehensive list of online housing resources:

Please also log in to MyCampus, and search the Housing message board under Community Bulletin Board.

Q: Where can I find a roommate?

A: The first, and best place to look for roommates who also attend MSPP is the Community Bulletin Board on MyCampus, You can seek housing with a fellow student or offer a housing opportunity.

For non MSPP housing options, is a good resource.

Q: I'm new to Boston. Do you have information on the city and surrounding areas?

A: Yes, we have a section on the website for those new to Boston. Please visit the page here:

We have also created this helpful Guide to Boston (PDF).

You can also visit our student blog. The following posts are what some of our current students have had to say about the city and surrounding areas:

Q: Where can I find the academic calendar? When are our holiday breaks?

A: The Academic Calendar 2013-2014 can be found on MyCampus under the Registrar section.

Q: Do I get a student ID? When and where can I obtain that?

A: Once a year the MIS Office makes IDs for everyone at MSPP. An email will be sent to your school email address announcing the date, time, and location to have an ID made.

Q: Does MSPP have a dining hall?

A: MSPP does not have a dining hall. However, Plates Café is located on the ground floor of the building and is open Monday-Friday from 7:30 am-3:00 pm. Each floor is also equipped with state-of-the-art refrigerators, microwaves, toasters, and sinks that are open to the entire MSPP community if you choose to bring food with you from home. There is also free coffee and tea available in the kitchens at all times.

Q: Where and how can I buy my textbooks?

A: The MSPP Library helps coordinate the availability of class instructional materials. Electronic copies of many assigned readings are available via MyCampus, MSPP's intranet site.

For PsyD and Masters students on campus, the library coordinates with an independent bookseller. At the start of each semester representatives from the bookseller come to campus for the first week of classes and sell the textbooks assigned by the faculty. Students may choose to use this seller or find and buy their books online.

For Distance Education students we have an alternative service. Instructions will be provided for ordering your required texts for shipment to your location.

For additional questions, please contact Matt Kramer, Librarian, at

Q: What are the services provided by the library and what are the hours?

A: Please see the MSPP Library Website for all of this information:

Please contact the Librarian, Matt Kramer if you have specific questions at

Q: How do I get to MSPP? Where can I park?

A: MSPP is located at One Wells Ave in Newton, MA. For directions and local restaurants, lodging, and transportation information, please click here.

Our new campus has a large, free parking lot that does not require parking stickers or registration.

Q: Is there a directory of staff, faculty, and administration anywhere? How can I find out who to contact for specific questions?

A: These directories exist on the MSPP Website:

Faculty –
Administration –

Q: Will I be assigned a faculty advisor? How can I contact them?

A: Depending on your program, advisors will be assigned in mid-late June by your academic Program Director. You will receive your advisor's name and contact information via your MSPP email address.

For Organizational and Leadership Psychology program students, you will be assigned an advisor in mid-August by the program director. You will receive your advisor's name and contact information via your MSPP email address.

For any questions, please contact your program director.

Q: Does MSPP accept transfer credits?

A: Yes, MSPP does accept some transfer credits, but it varies by degree program. Please visit our Degree Programs website here:

On the right sidebar of each page there is a link called Transfer of Credit. Please click on the link for program-specific transfer credit information.

If you have further questions please contact the Registrar, Eileen O'Donnell at

Q: I am registered in a program that uses a blended/hybrid format. How do I get training to navigate the course platform and access to the courses?

A: Prior to matriculation, all incoming students are required to take part in a brief Student Technology Orientation course. This online course provides students with important information on MSPP's technology, systems and databases, and best practices for e-learning. In addition, MSPP has a highly skilled IT Support and EdTech staff ready to address any technological concerns or problems students may have, whether they be on campus or at a distance.

Click here to review more FAQs about distance learning:

Q: What will my schedule look like?

A: First year Clinical PsyD students can expect to take 5 classes and be on campus two days a week. It is expected they will be at their practicum site 2-3 days a week. Students should plan on giving themselves at least one day a week to dedicate to readings and assignments (of course this varies depending on each individual's unique learning style).

All programs in Organizational and Leadership Psychology are cohort based. This means that you are registered for a set sequence of courses and proceed through them with your peer group. Your schedule is posted on the MSPP website under the Organizational and Leadership Psychology programming. Just click on your program and choose "Curriculum".

For School Psychology and Counseling Psychology programs, please visit our website.

Q: Can I have a part-time job while attending MSPP?

A: The academic schedule at MSPP is fairly rigorous, and students should be aware that the program will take up a significant amount of time. However, some students do manage to hold part-time and full-time jobs. Working over 20 hours a week could make it difficult to complete assignments outside of class. Students that need to work should have effective time management skills and be proactive in making time for self-care. MSPP also offers a number of work-study positions for those that qualify.

Q: Do I need a car?

A: Due to the variety of practicum settings MSPP offers, placements can be anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours away. MSPP's campus in Newton is also not directly accessible by the T.

Q: How much homework will I have?

A: The number of assignments is very class-specific. Some classes have more readings (up to six per week), some have more papers (one each week), and some have more projects and presentations. A lot of material is covered in each class each semester, so students can expect a rather rigorous workload.

Q: Am I required to do the summer reading?

A: The summer readings are not required. The summer reading list contains suggested readings that the faculty has found influential in their academic and professional development. Although they are highly recommended, they are not required for the entry to your program. If you would like assistance narrowing down the list, you may contact your advisor for his or her personal suggestions.

Updated 4/8/14

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