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Vincenzo Teran

The Dr. Cynthia Lucero Center

Meet Our Lucero Scholars

Vincenzo Teran

Born in Lima, Peru. BA in Psychology with a Minor in Latin America and Latino Studies from Montclair State University Clinical PsyD Program.

Being a Lucero scholar has provided me with the financial assistance to pursue doctoral training in Clinical Psychology as well as work with the Latino population. As a Lucero Scholar I have had the opportunity to work with Latinos in both English and Spanish from year 1 at MSPP. My first year field placement was at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in the Latino Mental Health Program. In this setting I provided outpatient mental health services to primarily adult Latino clients along with a multidisciplinary team of bilingual and bicultural staff. My second year field placement was at the Martha Eliot Health Center; a community mental health center that serves primarily Latinos. At these two sites I had the opportunity to establish strong professional relationships with experts in the field of multicultural psychology.

As a Lucero scholar I also participate in the Lucero Latino Mental Health Program at MSPP. Through this unique program I have had the opportunity to establish relationships with other students who share the same interests and passion as me in working with individuals from diverse backgrounds, particularly Latinos. I have also established a strong professional relationship with those individuals involved in improving the program. Lastly, as a Lucero Scholar I have had unique summer immersion experiences that have provided me with the opportunity to learn more about the life experiences of Latinos in the US. This is turn, has assisted me in becoming more attuned to the needs of Latinos.

Updated 3/16/15

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