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Infant Sleep Workshop

Infant Sleep Workshop

Sleep, Baby, Sleep - For parents and caregivers of infants ages 4-15 months old

During this session, participants will gain an understanding of how biology, environment and an infant’s stage of development can impact sleep. Discussion will include: setting realistic sleep expectations for infants ages 4-15 months old; creating positive sleep associations and introducing a bedtime routine; establishing a nap schedule; how and when to wean off night-feedings; ways to encourage longer stretches of sleep; and how to help an infant nap for other caregivers and in other locations. An overview of popular sleep strategies will be provided and plenty of time will be devoted to answering questions. This workshop will provide guidance and reassurance for parents who are wondering, “How can I help my baby sleep better?”

Upcoming 120-Minute Workshop:

$30 per person / $50 per couple

Teresa Stewart, MS, MPH, Instructor

Teresa StewartTeresa Stewart is an Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant, Child Development Specialist, Maternal and Child Health Educator, and certified CPR Instructor. Teresa holds her MS in Child Development from Wheelock College and her MPH in Maternal and Child Health from Boston University School of Public Health. For the last ten years, she has been working with expecting parents, parents of children ages birth to five, childcare providers and grandparents in various roles, including as a sleep consultant. Teresa recognizes the many dynamics that impact a family’s sleep situation. She helps parents achieve their unique sleep goals, by supporting the entire family unit, respecting where a child is developmentally, and understanding the biology behind infant and toddler sleep. In 2013, Teresa presented on “Infant and Toddler Sleep” at Zero to Three’s National Training Institute. She is a member of the Boston Safe Kids Coalition since 2012, where she collaborates on many child safety topics, including “Safe to Sleep” for infants. Teresa is the mother of two young children: a 7- year -old daughter who is very creative in her attempts to resist bedtime; and a 2.5- year- old son who loves to sleep.

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