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Parenting Consultations with Leading Experts

Anastasia GalanopoulosAnastasia Galanopoulos, Ph.D.

Parenting with Perspective 781-968-5013

Parenting is a life-long journey and no one can prepare us for it. The surprising news for many parents, especially those who are newcomers, is that we all hold the capacity and power to discover what is right for our children and our families as we practice our parenting. There can be no cookie-cutter approach: different family and cultural values, different personality dynamics and temperaments, and most importantly, different histories, require an individualized approach in supporting families. Perspective-taking tells the family story in context. Thatís why at Parenting with Perspective, Dr. Galanopoulos uses a holistic and mindful approach that centers on perspective-taking on all sides. This allows for the strengthening of family relationships by focusing on the social and emotional consequences of our behavior on our children and ourselves. She coaches parents in problem-solving whatever their parenting challenge may be, from infant sleep and toddler defiance, to preschooler boundary-testing and school-age homework woes, to adolescent self-esteem and identity searching, as well as anything in-between, for both neurotypical children and those who may have one or more special needs.

Dr. Galanopoulos has over 20 years of experience as a professor, facilitator, trainer, and coach. She has taught human development studies to prospective and seasoned educators, social-workers, and child life specialists in varied settings, including the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology, Wheelock College, and the Pennsylvania State University. At the community level she has facilitated many parenting workshops and new mothersí groups. Dr. Galanopoulos has also served as consultant to several non-profit agencies including The Freedman Center, COMPASS for Kids, and Families First, as well as to several Massachusetts public school systems. Her teaching experience, along with her passion for empowering families to examine their values and goals within the framework of what we know is good for child development from the fields of psychology, neuroscience, and medicine, gives her a unique lens for putting developmental theory into practice.

If you would like to schedule time with Dr. Galanopoulos please call 781-968-5013.

Claudia Gold MDClaudia Gold, MD

A Mindful Approach to Parenting 617-244-0079

Bringing home a new baby can be a time of bliss and joy. Those early months are also a time of major adjustments in many ways. There can be feelings of loneliness and isolation. The mother-baby groups at the Freedman Center can not only be fun and social, but also help address some of these more challenging aspects of this transition to parenthood.

However, when a parent is struggling with difficult feelings, supports in addition to the group setting may be needed to address these issues.

As part of Newton-Wellesley Hospital’s Early Childhood Social Emotional Heath Program, Dr. Claudia Gold meets one on one with parents and their infant. In a quiet room during visits that are an hour in length, there is opportunity to observe the baby, discuss sleep, crying and feeding issues as well as address difficulties a parent may be having. Dr. Gold works in collaboration with pediatricians and other clinicians who may be involved in working with the family.

If you are interested in scheduling time to meet with Dr. Gold, please call 617-244-0079. All visits with Dr. Gold can be billed through insurance.

Dr. Gold is a board-certified pediatrician with over 20 years of experience practicing both general and behavioral pediatrics. Since 2010 she has specialized in the social-emotional health of children under age five. 

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New Babies/New Moms
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New Babies/New Parents
Bring your infant and meet other new parents!

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