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Early Childhood Assessment

The Dr. Leon O. Brenner Center for Psychological Assessment & Consultation

Early Childhood Assessment
Neurodevelopmental Assessment Service for Young Children (NYC)

Do you have questions or concerns about your young child between the ages of 2 and 8? The Brenner Center offers outstanding mental health expertise in the specific area of psychological and neurodevelopmental assessment of young children who are already exhibiting some symptoms or behaviors that cause parents, pediatricians, or teachers, to seek testing and advice.

Our neuropsychological evaluations result in written reports that are useful for parents, pediatricians, educators, early intervention service providers, and others in caregiving or professional roles. The evaluations are offered in two ways: on a fee-for-service basis or through some insurances.

While other service providers have waitlists that can be up to a year long, we can offer assessments with little to no wait time.

Here at the Brenner Center, our psychologists and graduate students are trained to answer the following questions:

Is my child developing in an age-appropriate manner?

Is my child gifted or twice-exceptional?

Is my child showing signs of:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Problems with sensory processing
  • Developmental Delays
  • Effects of traumatic experiences
  • Speech and language difficulties
  • Dyslexia

A young child might need neurodevelopmental evaluation for a variety of reasons:

  • The growing awareness of autism and the autism spectrum, such that parents, pediatricians, and others, raise the question of a possible diagnosis (and early intervention) earlier and more frequently;
  • The increase in the training and awareness of teachers regarding the spectrum of learning difficulties, behaviors manifested, and importance of early diagnosis, relating to young children already exhibiting problems in school;
  • The increasing survival rate of "preemies" (prematurely born infants) and other medically fragile infants who as a consequence of their premature birth or health issues have some neurodevelopmental deficits that are apparent early in their life.

Our team can answer these questions and recommend appropriate interventions. The Brenner Center serves clients throughout Massachusetts.

The Brenner Center accepts the following insurances:

  • Beacon Health Strategies, which includes: Neighborhood Health Plan (NHP), Boston Medical Center Health Plan (BMCHP) and Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership (MBHP).
  • Network Health Plan (Tufts NHP): We can accept Tufts NHP only—we are not otherwise an in-network provider for Tufts.
  • MassHealth: (coverage for mental health services under MassHealth is variable. Some versions of Mass Health—such as MassHealth Limited— offer no coverage whatsoever for mental health assessment services. Other versions of Mass Health cover mental health assessment services through one of the three providers listed above under the Beacon Health Strategies network (thus, through NHP, BMCHP, or MBHP) or through Network Health Plan under the Tufts Health plan network. Please be prepared to discuss your particular MassHealth plan with us if you want to use your MassHealth insurance to pay for our mental health assessment services.
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Plans with deductibles: Please note that if your plan has a deductible, you will have to pay us directly to "use up" your deductible, before we can proceed to bill your insurance. We provide you with a detailed bill to document to your insurer your deductible payments to us.

Our offices in West Roxbury are fully handicap accessible with ample free parking. We typically complete the assessment, written report, and verbal feedback session within 30 days of the first face-to-face interview. We have the capacity in-house to assess clients in English, Spanish and 10 other languages. We offer rapid, state of the art evaluations and consultations for neurodevelopmental concerns relating to young children. For an appointment or more information, please call 617-323-6662 x549. We invite you to meet our postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Megan Kavanagh and explore our services. Click here to read her biography.

Updated 1/10/15

For an appointment or more information, please call 617-323-6662 x549.

1208 VFW Parkway
Suite 300
West Roxbury, MA 02132

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