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Quotes from our “MSPP Student Voices” Blog

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“One good thing about Boston is its availability of volunteer opportunities. Given my interest in social-justice-oriented issues, I chose to get involved with Boston Area Rape Crisis Center in an effort to play a role in challenging the gender-based power dynamics in our culture that cause and perpetuate sexual violence.”

—Suzanne, Clinical Psychology, PsyD

“But, while we can see and touch the masks kids wear on Halloween, the invisible masks kids wear everyday can be harder to recognize. And that is an important part of our work as (future) schools psychologists; helping kids to see their true selves, and to feel that they can safely reveal those selves to the world.”

—Suzanne, Clinical PsyD

“I’m still amazed by this going into the last semester of my 2nd year. The passion the professors have for this field literally vibrates from the walls. It has enriched my learning experience, as each professor is a model of what I’d like to be as I learn and grow as a counselor.”

—Ashley, MA Counseling Psychology

“Happy Tuesday! And what an exciting day it has been. Between registering for classes and voting (you all voted, right?), today could not get more hectic. Unless you have a presentation for Internship Seminar, like I do. Then you’re day just got a little crazier than the rest.”

—Ashley, MA Counseling Psychology

“Number of hours clocked in at internship today: 10. Collective value of all of the things I learned and accomplished in one day back at the office: Priceless.”

—Valerie, MA Counseling Psychology

“…that sense of community responsibility and “meeting the need” was a huge part of why I chose this school. So I responded to an e-mail, said what my t-shirt size was, and showed up to serve dinner in closed-toed shoes.”

—Valerie, MA Counseling Psychology

“I had arrived at the small high school for 18-22 year-old students to begin one of my first assessment cases as a practicum student. It was just my luck that Tuesdays happened to be breakfast day, and there were plenty of pancakes to go around.”

—Susannah, School Psychology

“Now that I’ve had some time to think about it, my advice to the first year class would be this: get to know the other members of your cohort! They are the ones you will be spending 15+ hours/week with for the next year, perhaps more than anyone else in your life.”

—Susannah, School Psychology

“I have to admit that the new building has impressed me. The technology is fantastic: large TVs directing students to classes and advertising upcoming events. The little boxes mounted on the walls outside the rooms alerting students to the occupancy status of the rooms, at the current moment and in the future. You can even book a room using the box!”
–Shelby, School Psychology

“I had class yesterday. It was a good class, with an engaging professor and highly relevant information. There were even hands-on activities, which I usually find to be inviting. Yet I spent the entire period looking at the clock, watching the second hand sweep around with agonizing lethargy. I am getting married on Friday.”

—Shelby, School Psychology

“Everyone at MSPP wants to help us get through the most dreaded class of our lives, and so far, they’re doing an excellent job. I walked out of my [statistics] midterm without crying. I have made it through half a semester of statistics so far. Go me. Bring on the second half, (but only if we have our professor and TAs and study group and Ben and Jerry to help)!”

—Hannah, Clinical PsyD

I grew up in the teeny tiny village of Ames, NY, with a population of 145 people. Yes, not 145,000, just 1-4-5. My grandparents owned a 300 cow Holstein dairy farm about a mile and a half down the road from my house… Needless to say, moving to Boston was a big change for me.”

—Hannah, Clinical PsyD

Updated 11/15/12

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