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Financial Aid FAQs

Q: What documents must I file to be considered for financial assistance?

A: You must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This can be accomplished online at

Q: Do I need to wait for an offer of admission to apply for financial aid?

A: You are strongly encouraged to submit your application for aid before you receive your offer of admission. You can apply anytime after January 1st, and even if you haven't filed your taxes yet, estimated figures are acceptable.

Q: What is the due date for applying for financial aid?

A: MSPP has a priority due date of March 1, for a September start and November 1st for a January starting term. We continue to make institutional awards on a funds-available basis for students whose applications are received after the due date. If you are not applying for an MSPP grant or Scholarship, the FAFSA must be filed six weeks prior to the start of classes to insure timely payment of tuition.

Q: When will I receive a response to my application?

A: We will forward an award letter to all applicants following an offer of admission and receipt of your FAFSA results. If necessary, MSPP may contact you to request additional documentation of income and assets before the award letter is released.

Q: I am not a US citizen, can I apply for assistance?

A: If you meet the FAFSA filing requirements for an eligible non-citizen, you may be considered for aid. Please log on to to determine if you qualify as an eligible non-citizen.

Q: Can I use my financial aid for living expenses?

A: Financial aid, including student loans, may be used to cover reasonable living expenses such as housing, transportation, textbooks, utilities, meals and medical expenses.

Q: How do I receive my financial aid funds?

A: All financial aid awards, including student loans, are paid directly to the school and credited to your student account at the start of each academic semester. After all tuition and fees are covered, funds for living expenses will then be released to the student by check payment after the add/drop period.

Q: Can I receive financial aid when I am enrolled less than full-time?

A: For each semester of enrollment, you must be enrolled at least half-time (as determined by MSPP) to remain eligible for federal student loans.

Q: Can my financial aid be used to pay my enrollment deposit?

A: Your financial aid award may not be used for this purpose. You must remit payment of your deposit using a personal check or credit card. Your deposit is credited to your student account as a cash payment towards your first semester costs.

Q: How often do I re-apply for financial aid?

A: You must re-apply each year for federal assistance.

Updated 10/2/14

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