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Preparatory Courses

Online Graduate Psychology Preparatory Courses

Including MSPP pre-requisite coursework for the PsyD, Clinical Psychology Program

The Graduate Psychology Preparatory courses are offered entirely online with rolling enrollment. Please refer to the FAQ found to your right for more information. If you have any questions about the course format, please contact Jenny Hopf at


Applications are now being accepted for all three courses listed below. Start dates are offered almost every Monday, following the acceptance of your registration form. Please be sure to indicate on your registration form your Monday start date preference. We will do our best to accommodate all starts date requests.

Please click here to download the application (pdf) form.

Courses Offered


This course presents a broad overview of the realm of abnormal psychology. Students will examine and review critically the cultural construction of mental health and illness, the history of psychiatric diagnosis, and the major historical and contemporary theoretical perspectives regarding the diagnosis, causes, and treatment of abnormal behavior. The course also introduces students to the major categories of child and adult mental disorders and the current North American system of psychiatric classification and nomenclature as illustrated in the most current edition of the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-V).

This course fulfills the Abnormal Psychology pre-requisite for the MSPP PsyD Clinical program.

Instructor: Caroline Miller, PsyD
Course Textbook: Kring A,M., Johnson, S.L., Davison, G.C., & Neale, J.M. (2014). Abnormal Psychology, (12th Ed-DSM-5 Update). New York: Wiley. ISBN#: 9781118640883



This course offers an exploration of a person’s development throughout the lifespan. This exploration plays particular attention to the wide variety of the human experience and to cultural variations. A developmental perspective tracks neurobiological, cognitive, affective, psychomotor and intra an interpersonal features of human growth. Key models of development representing psychodynamic, structural, behavioral and cognitive schools of thought will be reviewed as well as current trends in developmental research.

This course fulfills the Developmental Psychology pre-requisite for the MSPP PsyD Clinical program.

Instructor: Ronda Goodale, PhD
Course Textbook: Feldman, Robert (2013). Development Across the Life Span. 7th Edition. Prentice Hall - ISBN-13: 978-0205940073 ISBN-10: 0205940072.

Note: For this course you will need access to the textbook's MyDevelopmentLab, for access to the MyVirtualChild- the interactive simulation which allows you to raise a virtual child from birth to age 18, and monitor the effects of your parenting decisions. MyDevelopmentLab does not always come automatically with the textbook so please be sure you check to ensure that an access code is included before purchasing. You can also purchase a MyDevelopmentLab access code online at



This course introduces the student to the concept and study of human personality and presents a survey and critical review of the major theories in the field, including their historical bases, core tenets and concepts, strengths, weaknesses, current status, and major applications. Among the approaches covered are the psychodynamic, interpersonal, social, behavioral, humanistic, biological, and evolutionary.

This course fulfills the Personality Theories pre-requisite for the MSPP PsyD Clinical program.

Instructor: Aimee Yermish, PsyD
Course Textbook: Sollod, R.N., Wilson, J.P., & Monte, C.F. (2009). Beneath the mask: An introduction to theories of personality. New York: Wiley. ISBN#: 978-0-471-72412-4

Updated 1/6/15

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