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Policies & Procedures

Office of Research

Policies & Procedures

MSPP’s continued growth and diversification are supported by clear policies and procedures. They provide a transparent framework for articulating expectations, clarifying roles and responsibilities, and supporting the systems meant to advance the research agenda. To work effectively, our policies and procedures need to be clear about responsibility and accountability. The Office of Research is responsible and accountable for the following policies and procedures as articulated in MSPP’s Institutional Policies and Procedures Manual (IPPM):

  1. Institutional Review Board: Review, Approval and Oversight of Research (page 124)
  2. Institutional Review Board: Human Subjects Certification (page 126)
  3. Research Participant Recruitment – Extramural Requests (page 129)
  4. Research Participant Recruitment – Intramural Requests (page 129)
  5. Institutional Research Requests (primarily for Administrators & Staff) (page 130)
  6. Institutional Data Requests (page 130)
  7. Review and Approval of Sponsored Program Proposals (page 132)

Updated 9/11/14

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