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Signature Courses

MSPP Signature Courses

The First Year Experience Signature Courses

A Signature Course can introduce you to MSPP's academic community, help you explore new interests and broaden your knowledge. It is your opportunity to engage in graduate-level thinking, learning, and even provides you the opportunity for transfer credits in your future MSPP program of choice at a special price. The result is a common intellectual experience for those seeking training at MSPP. For a full listing of signature courses, please visit the Non-Matriculating Course page. Signature Courses will be identified with an asterisk.

Admissions Requirements

Applying for Signature Courses is identical to applying for Non-Matriculating Courses. In order for your application to be considered, you must include a current curriculum vitae, one letter of recommendation from a professional who can attest to your abilities and official transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate schools which you have attended. Your application, together with all supporting documentation, should be filed with the Admissions Office no later than the specified deadline. In order for MSPP to maintain its high academic standards, non-matriculating students are expected to have a solid academic background (basic coursework in psychology and undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0.) Most courses may be taken for either academic credit or continuing education (CE) credit. Non-matriculating students who take courses for academic credit must meet all course requirements and will be evaluated on the same basis as matriculating students. Students who take courses for CE credit are not required to complete all course requirements, but instead complete a course evaluation to receive CE credit. Please note, CE credit courses are not transferrable to MSPP academic programs. As with Non-Matriculating Courses, Signature Course credits, may later be counted toward MSPP program requirements, as transfer credit, provided that they are taken within the relevant time frame. Please note that no more than 4 courses, whether taken at MSPP or elsewhere, may be transferred into an MSPP academic program.

If you are considering applying for admission to a program at MSPP, please be aware that, while satisfactory performance as a Signature Course/Non-Matriculating student is a prerequisite to admission, it does not guarantee admission to a program.

In the case of the Clinical PsyD program, these Signature Courses DO NOT fulfill the pre-requisite course requirements to apply to the Clinical PsyD program. If you are missing a pre-requisite course and wish to take them from MSPP online, click here for information.

Only complete applications will be considered. Once your application has been evaluated and approved you will be contacted by the Registrar's office with instructions for registration. If your class choice is not available you will be asked to supply an alternate course choice, if you have not selected one already.

Download an application here: Non-Matric Application (pdf)

Updated 10/23/14

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