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Distance Education

Distance Learning at MSPP

Blended Programs

What is a Blended Course?

MSPP’s blended courses incorporate both online and on-campus study. Students take part in weekly online assignments, discussions, and collaborative projects with faculty members and classmates. Additionally, students are required to come to campus for one intensive weekend-in-residence (WIR) per course and other scheduled on-campus meetings. Given the frequency of the on-campus requirements, most programs recommend that students live within commuting distance of MSPP.

Who takes Blended Courses?

A blended course serves the needs of today’s graduate student. The on-campus component of the program helps students create close bonds with classmates and professors, and covers material that is best taught face-to-face. The distance element of the program provides greater flexibility, especially for students:

  • Who are in the workforce and for whom retaining full-time or part-time employment is necessary or relevant to their graduate studies.
  • With family obligations.
  • Who wish to earn an income while in school.
  • Who enjoy the flexibility of learning from home.
  • Who are self-motivated and proactive learners.
  • Who seek high levels of engagement with faculty and peers.
  • Looking for in-depth, intensive learning and training opportunities

What MSPP Programs are offered in the Blended Delivery Method?

Please click the links below to find out more information about the program.

Updated 11/13/13

Currently MSPP distance learning degree programs are only offered in the Organizational and Leadership Psychology Department.

To learn more about our traditional programs offered in our Clinical, Counseling and School Psychology departments, please click here.

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