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Course Descriptions

Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) In Clinical Psychology Program

Course Descriptions

CLI PA520—

(2 credits)

This course introduces the student to some of the most widely used instruments of “objective” personality assessment. These are the self – reporting interventions, the so-called “pencil – and paper” tests of personality. The course covers the rationale, administration, scoring, and interpretation of these measures. Also included is the information on the use of automated procedures, the appropriate application of these tests and the ethical considerations in their use in both non – clinical settings. Student are encouraged to make a critical assessment of these tests in the light of available norms, reliability and validation studies, appropriateness of item selection in terms of language, gender and cultural bias, etc., and the applicability of tests for the specific use for which it is stated.

Prerequisite: CLI PA501.

Updated 2/18/11

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