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Course Descriptions

Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) In Clinical Psychology Program

Course Descriptions

CLI MH515—

(2 credits)

This course provides an intensive survey of current perspectives and emerging issues within the arenas of psychology and the law. Key theoretical and systemic principles are emphasized to offer a contextual and dynamic appreciation of the historical, political, social and ethical interplay of the selected special topic(s). An emphasis on the intersection between law and the mental health professions and a framework is offered to identify and assess complex professional practice situations that have overlapping clinical, ethical and legal dimensions. Each course will be geared toward helping students gain a broader understanding and knowledge as well as a greater understanding of the theoretical underpinning, nature, methods and best practices in forensic assessment and evaluation.

Prerequisites: CLI MH501 and either CLI MH512 or CLI MH513.

Updated 4/21/14

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