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Course Descriptions

Organizational and Leadership Psychology Department

Course Descriptions

ORG LP726—

(4 credits)

In order to understand quantitative research, the student must 1) assess the integrity of the methodology used and 2) interpret the meaning of the reported statistical results. Statistics I will provide the basic analytic tools with which to carry out this assessment. Building upon an introduction to descriptive statistics, students will develop familiarity with the techniques of inferential statistics beginning with an understanding of hypothesis testing and confidence intervals. Using these techniques of data analysis, students will examine frequently used statistical procedures such as inferences about means, inferences about proportions, the chi-square test for independence, correlation analysis and simple linear regression. Applying these procedures to psychology and leadership research, and interpreting the implications of the findings for practice and policy, will be a major emphasis of the course. No prior study of statistics will be assumed.

Open only to students in the doctoral program in Leadership Psychology.

Updated 9/17/12

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