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MSPP will be closed at 6pm Monday, January 26, 2015
and will remain closed all day Tuesday, January 27, 2015 due to weather.
All classes and events are canceled.

Course Descriptions

Organizational and Leadership Psychology Department

Course Descriptions


(4 credits)

An essential element of learning effective, professional executive coaching is the supervised practical application of its core competencies. In this 4 credit practicum, students work with a manager, executive or leader who is seeking coaching for professional development. Students will maintain notes of their coaching sessions and a journal of their plans, reactions, and learning from cases under supervision. Students meet regularly with an experienced master executive coach on an individual basis and participate in peer-supervision sessions. Peer supervision sessions are conducted in the weekend residencies under the guidance of the practicum instructor.. Peers (and the instructor) provide feedback and suggestions to supplement the expert guidance of the master coach supervisor. Supervision sessions are focused on the application of all program course material as well as students' own unique, development need as professional executive coaches. Peers will provide feedback and suggestions to supplement the expert guidance of the master-coach practicum supervisor.

Prerequisite: ORG EC525.

Updated 9/30/13

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