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Course Descriptions

Counseling Psychology Department

Course Descriptions

COU CD501—

(3 credits)

This course is designed to teach the theoretical framework of career counseling, and introduce the basic counseling tools used in the career counseling process. The course will present major theories of career development, introduce sources of occupational information, and introduce principles of assessment in career counseling. The impact of diversity and difference on career development and choices, as well as the career counseling process, will also be explored. Topics will include: the role of interests, skills, values and personality in the career development process; social, cultural, and family influences on the career development process; career development across the lifespan; and obtaining information about the nature of the job market and specific occupations. Recommended for students in all Counseling Department programs, as it may be a requirement for licensure as counselor outside of Massachusetts (where it is not a requirement).

Prerequisites: COU CX510 and COU PA530.

Updated 2/25/11

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