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Community Mental Health Program

Community Mental Health Initiative

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In 2011, MSPP launched a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology in Community Mental Health (CMH). It was conceived as a partnership with community mental health agencies, and allowed agency employees to pursue a master's degree in a period of three years while they maintained employment in the agency. We graduated the first class of seven students in 2014 and will graduate three students in 2015. Our first partners have been YOU, Inc., The Bridge of Central Massachusetts, and the Massachusetts Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children (MSPCC).

It is through this active partnership that we seek to address the critical shortage of individuals trained to meet the needs of community mental health consumers. We contribute through this initiative to the workforce development, and retention of talented individuals who know communities. MSPP's ongoing commitment to this initiative is also reflected by a 33% tuition scholarship to eligible applicants.

The original training model was based on creating a training cohort and bringing the training to the agencies. While this continues as an option (if we have a training cohort of at least eight students in a given geographical area), we have expanded this initiative to now include smaller groups of students from an agency or individual applicants. They will now be able to apply to any of our existing programs and complete the coursework in three years (instead of the two year full time option) and will receive the 33% tuition scholarship. Our Community Mental Health Initiative students will be able to take a combination of blended (hybrid) courses and more traditional courses taught on our campus. To apply, students will have to be sponsored by their agencies, who will commit to provide the opportunity for practicum and internship training, and to flex the student's time to attend classes.

In addition, the CMH Initiative looks to partner with CMH agencies to create CE programs that support new initiatives or refresh skills, as well as eliciting the participation of agency professionals to provide timely and relevant teachings to our students. It is our belief and vision that these collaborations will enrich our communities, and contribute to the cultivation and retention of CMH professionals.

For Additional Information

Please contact Dr. David Haddad ( or 617-564-9366), Community Mental Health Initiative Program Director, for more information about how MSPP can partner with your agency to cultivate, reward, and retain key staff. For admissions to the Counseling programs, please go to our application web page and choose one of the Counseling Psychology programs. You must send an email to Dr. Haddad indicating that you would like to be considered for the Community Mental Health Initiative Scholarship.

Updated 3/23/15

David Haddad

For inquiries, please contact Program Director, Community Mental Health Initiative, David Haddad, EdD

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