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Media Advisory/Press Release

Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology Addresses Needs of Job Seekers and Career Changers

August 8, 2011–Boston (West Roxbury), MA–In these tight economic times, especially for those seeking jobs, increasing their educational training or transitioning into a new career, the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology (MSPP) is offering a new “Just In Time Graduate Admissions program (JIT) which is unique to the greater Boston area.

Beginning August 15 through the 17th, the JIT program offers a 24-48 hour acceptance program, a one-stop process acceptance day for candidates to come to the MSPP campus with their applicant materials—which can also be completed on-line-- and interview immediately with appropriate faculty members who quickly inform the admissions office if the candidate has been accepted. The informed candidate can then work with the financial aid officer regarding financial details and benefits.

If accepted, the candidate will receive a Master of Arts degree from one of five designated programs at MSPP.

One such program is Organizational Psychology, a blended program of only ten months where students work on-line with required attendance on campus only one weekend every five weeks. Beginning in January there will be no campus requirement of students due to teaching students world-wide on-line.

“Our Organizational Psychology students range in age from 22 to 57 and are very busy people with jobs”, says psychotherapist Erik Gregory, the new department head of the Leadership and Organizational Psychology program, “some students are career changers, others want to acquire new skills, but all are dedicated to be change agents by understanding the organization’s function and, therefore, contribute to making the organization, whether it be non-profit or for-profit, a more productive and creative place for people to work. Again the focus is people.”

According to Gregory, because there is so much uncertainty in the workforce, having an additional credential of a Masters in Art in Organizational Psychology from an accredited graduate school offers a competitive advantage in the working world where many of his graduates function as consultants including in the corporate, educational and public sectors while some setup their own consulting businesses.

“In starting my own consulting practice, one thing that gets me in the door with my clients is my degree in organizational psychology. They value the insight I can provide as they consider investments, organizational change or require help with group problem-solving. This is especially apparent when they can’t pinpoint what is going wrong in the organization or are anxious as they consider a planned change. In those circumstances, my skills become very attractive to them”, confirms Dana De Nault, a recent graduate of the program. De Nault, who made a career changeover from technology start-up businesses in Silcon Valley, where he functioned as a business development executive and change agent for his last two California companies, acknowledges he had a deepening interest in improving people’s work life and the “overall mental health of these organizations”.

“I didn’t have time to peck away at a traditional graduate program and wanted to acquire new tools to enhance what I had already been doing”, he explained.

The “Just In Time Graduate Admissions” program includes access to four other programs:

  • MA/CAGS-School Psychology, three years
  • MA, Counseling Psychology, two years full time, three years part time
  • MA, Forensic and Counseling Psychology, two years full time, three years part time
  • Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching, 10 months

For further information contact or telephone 617-327-6777 x1507. Please visit us on the web at

About MSPP—Founded in 1974, MSPP has created and offered a unique approach to doctoral training for psychologists focusing on the immediate integration of clinical experience with academic studies. The school’s mission is to bring benefits of psychological training to other areas of American society, including schools, the workplace and the courts.

Updated 8/20/12

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