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Press Release

Press Release

The Power of Coaching for Middle Managers is Focus of Annual Boston Executive Coaching Conference on October 12

September 7 , 2007 - West Roxbury, MA, -Boston, MA-- In a unique half-day conference, mid-level Boston-area executives and their prominent executive coaches will talk about the impact of coaching on leadership and organizations at the Annual Boston Executive Coaching Conference. Sponsored by the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology on October 12, 2007 at the Dedham Hilton from 1 pm to 5 pm. 

Recent research by ClearRock has shown that a growing number of middle managers are in the difficult position of being accountable for their organization’s results but unable to perform effectively under that pressure.  They are being by-passed for promotions as their employees are selected for the more senior positions. As a result, in a good economy, the good middle managers are prone to leave for better opportunities. “Coaching for the middle managers can address the issues of performance, career advancement, and retention of the middle managers with high potential,” says conference director Dr. Lewis Stern.

Stern adds that “nurturing and empowering mid-level managers can substantially increase the effectiveness and productivity of an organization. “Middle managers run the day-to-day operations and have the tough job of translating overall organizational strategy into practical approaches and initiatives that help achieve the goals,” he says. “Executive coaching for middle managers can have an enormous impact on results. Coaching can help them learn to plan better and get the work done through others and obtain the support and guidance needed to maneuver through the organizational hierarchy, culture, and politics,” he says.

“In addition, while middle managers are often receptive to feedback and good at managing up, they are not as good at managing down.  Where training has little impact on changing how managers perform on the job, coaching has great potential of actually changing individual skills and habits that get in the way of middle managers guiding, coaching, and supporting the people they manage.”

The October 12 conference will provide some of the latest research on coaching middle managers and feature first-hand testimony from middle managers of its impact on them, their people, and their organizations.  Each middle manager will be on the conference panel with their executive coach who can provide the coach's view on what makes or breaks the coaching experience for middle managers.

Keynote Speaker:
Geralyn Burke Gray, Senior Vice President, ClearRock, Inc.

Harry Hutson, Independent Management Consultant
Mary Cornetta, Principal, Attain International
Lew Stern, Director of MSPP's Graduate Program in Executive Coaching and President of Stern Consulting
Dennis O'Brien, Executive Consultant for the Boston office of RHR


Mid-Management Executives:
Tony Meenaghan, Director, US Facility Management & Engineering, US Health & Safety/Environment, EMD Serono, Inc.
Dave Lang, Senior Vice President, Fidelity Investments, Employer

Services Company
Katherine Parker, Director of Resource Development, Colonial Daniel Marr Boys and Girls Club
Kevin Arthur, Director of Client Solutions, Omgeo, LLC

The conference is part of MSPP's commitment to psychology and business. MSPP is the only accredited graduate school in New England to offer a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching.

Updated 9/14/07

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