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Press Release

Press Release

Brave Heart: Marisa Auerbach, 14-year-old recipient of the heart of fallen marathon runner, psychologist Cynthia Lucero, to attend Annual Lucero Memorial Run at MSPP on Sunday, November 7

November 6, 2004

Event: Dr. Cynthia Lucero Memorial Run and Walk

Where: Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology, 221 Rivermoor Street, West Roxbury

When: Sunday, November 7, 2004

Pre-Registration: 9:30 AM

Start Time: 10:30 AM

Why: To raise funds for the Lucero Center for Health Psychology and celebrate the life and work of the late Dr. Cynthia Lucero, MSPP graduate, marathon runner and organ donor

What: 5K Run/Walk, cook out and family day activities run from 9 Am to 3 PM

WEST ROXBURY, MA - On Sunday, November 7, the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology (MSPP) will hold its Third Annual Lucero Memorial 5K Run/Walk to benefit the Dr. Cynthia Lucero Center for Health Psychology.

This year, fourteen-year-old Marisa Auerbach from Sharon, MA, who has Dr. Lucero's heart beating inside her, will be at the event, along with her parents, to support the fund raising effort.

"Up until March of 2002, aggressive medical treatment kept Marisa's serious heart problem, diagnosed when she was only three months old, under control. But, her heart finally gave out. My wife and I were faced with the prospect of losing Marisa or finding an appropriate heart donor in time to save her," said Victor Auerbach, Marisa's Dad. "We found the heart of a healer and runner to save our daughter," he said.

The Auerbachs met the Lucero family for the first time just three weeks ago.

The annual event commemorates the life and legacy of the late Dr. Cynthia Lucero, a graduate of the MSPP and marathon runner, who collapsed just miles from the finish line during the 2002 Boston Marathon. She died several days later from an excessive fluid intake that precipitated a fatal brain swelling. She was only 28 years old.

"Dr. Lucero embodied the passion and commitment of psychology as a true helping profession and is remembered to this day as an energetic, high achieving professional who cared deeply about her patients and society," said Dr. Nicholas Covino, president of MSPP.

Updated 10/1/07

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