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Press Release

Press Release

New Executive Coaching Program is Unique Among Local/National Offerings

September 7, 2004

West Roxbury, MA - The Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology (MSPP) has established a new Professional Executive Coaching Certificate Program that is one of the first of its kind in the nation. The program, which will start classes in January 2005, combines a strong classroom component with “real world” experience under the supervision of leading professional executive coaches in the Boston area.

Unlike most other executive coaching training programs, which focus primarily on coaching skills, MSPP's program will require students to achieve competencies in four key areas: the psychology of individuals, relationships, and organizations; how businesses work; organizational development; and the array of executive coaching principles, techniques, and applications. In addition to completing the prerequisites for the program and its eight courses, students will be required to use their skills in a field placement -- another aspect of the program that sets it apart from many other offerings.

Director of MSPP's new Professional Executive Coaching Program is Lew Stern, PhD, who has served as a professional executive coach for numerous Fortune 500 and other organizations during his 28-year career. A trained psychologist, management consultant, and an experienced teacher, Stern emphasizes the need for a multi-dimensional approach to the training of professional executive coaches. “Executive coaching is more than working with a company leader on his or her communications skills,” he says. “Yes, this is one way we help businesses, but to be truly effective, executive coaches must have broader capabilities. Your responsibility is to help an executive enhance business outcomes, whether that is through more effective team building, building strong organizational morale, designing better business structures, or through stronger strategic planning.”

William Hodgetts, EdD, Fidelity's Vice President of Corporate Leadership Development, agrees with Stern on the need for a more comprehensive executive coaching training program.

In addition to leading the coaching effort at Fidelity, Hodgetts has his own coaching practice and is an MSPP faculty member helping the school develop the new coaching program. He says, “There has been a proliferation of executive coaching training programs and they vary widely in quality and scope. I think the MSPP program has a leg up on others because it provides a strong grounding in clinical practice skills combined with in-depth exposure to relevant principles of individual psychology, organizational systems, and business management -- the knowledge executive coaches need to be truly effective. From what we know, the only other program that is comparable is at the California School of Professional Psychology.”

To help launch its Professional Executive Coaching Training Program, the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology will hold a New England Conference on Professional Executive Coaching, co-sponsored by the Executive Coaching Forum, on October 15. The conference will be held from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm at the Dedham Hilton.

The 12-credit Professional Executive Coaching Certificate Program is designed for professionals with a background in human resources, psychology and social work, and business consulting. Accredited as part of MSPP's graduate education offerings, the program can be completed evenings and some Saturdays, part-time, within one to two years. More information about the Professional Executive Coaching Certificate Program can be obtained by calling the MSPP admissions department at (617) 327-6777 or by emailing

Founded in 1974, MSPP is one of the first and largest schools of its kind in the United States. The school has trained over 700 of the nation's doctoral-level psychologists and continues to play an important role in the mental health environment of Massachusetts. Now offering a wide array of programs for other mental health professionals, MSPP has also established a unique niche in business education with its successful Institute for Organizational Consulting Psychology. In addition to the new executive coaching program, the Institute offers certificate programs in organizational consulting psychology for psychologists, HR professionals, and business consultants.

For more information about the Institute for Organizational Consulting Psychology and other MSPP programs, please visit or call (617) 327-6777. MSPP is located at 221 Rivermoor Street in West Roxbury, Massachusetts.

Updated 10/1/07

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