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Nicholas Covino

Press Release

Covino is New President of Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology in West Roxbury—Will Advocate for Prescription Privileges for Psychologists

December 30, 2002

West Roxbury, MA—A native of Everett and a resident of Arlington, MA, Nicholas Covino, PsyD, recently assumed the leadership role at Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology, located in West Roxbury, making him the second president in the school’s 28-year history. Founded in 1974 as one of only a few independent schools of psychology in the nation, MSPP has trained one third of practicing psychologists in the state. The school’s mission has always been unique, because, unlike most other clinical programs, its focus has been on applied clinical training, requiring students to begin working with patients in professional psychology settings immediately, rather than after several years of academic study.

"We believe that Dr. Nick Covino will be able to maintain the innovative birthright of the school while charting its course for the future," says Paul Daley, chairman of the MSPP board. "Nick is the kind of person that the school needs as it moves into the twenty-first century. He is an outstanding psychologist with an extraordinary clinical reputation and a superb education. He is also a proven manager of a psychology training program in an extremely competitive academic medical center and a seasoned consensus builder. I believe he will be able to inspire management, faculty and students to make MSPP the rival of any clinical program in the country, " he adds.

Dr. Covino was most recently director of Psychology Training (1988-2001) and director of Psychology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (1990-2001), where he also conducted his research and published articles on the psychological impact of medicine and medical treatment on the individual. During the same time, he was also an assistant professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Covino completed his doctoral training at the University of Denver in 1984. He was a fellow at the Harvard Community Health Plan and has completed his training as a psychoanalyst at the Boston Psychoanalytic Institute.

He is a regular speaker and workshop leader and has been a teacher and supervisor for many psychologists physicians and mental health practitioners both locally and nationally Dr. Covino has developed a five-year plan for MSPP. “I think this school has tremendous potential for contributing to the long-term mental health of the community, for helping to heal a society that is facing tremendous challenges in a complicated health care system that does not always understand the needs of the mentally ill,” says Covino. He sees the school becoming a national player over the next five years. Innovative programs on the drawing board include training programs for those working in the courts and psychologists in business, among others.

One way he feels the school can help meet the challenges of the future is to advocate for prescription privileges for psychologists. The school already has a master of science program in clinical psychopharmacology, one of the first in the country, which gives psychologists in-depth knowledge of mental health medications.

Mitchell T. Rabkin, MD, former president and CEO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and CareGroup Health Systems, feels Covino is up to the task facing him: “Nick is a most skilled professional, a very thoughtful person, and led an Outstanding department of psychology at Beth Israel Deaconess, with an excellent training program. The need for sensitive, warm, well-trained psychologists is growing in these troubled times, and Nick will be outstanding in his leadership.”

A former member of the board of directors of the Massachusetts Psychological Association and a former member of the MSPP Board of Trustees, Dr. Covino is also the new president of the Society for Clinical and Experiment Hypnosis and continues his private clinical practice on a limited basis.

Updated 10/1/07

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