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Nicholas A. Covino, PsyD

About MSPP

From the President

Welcome to the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology

Thank you for your interest in the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology.  Ours is a school that is committed to educational excellence in applied psychology, and we have been doing that since 1974.

MSPP assumes a Social Responsibility to educate a diverse group of professionals who are able to meet the evolving mental health needs of the community.  With 75%  of  children in need of mental health services failing to receive them; with  more than 1/3rd of the 1.5 million troops returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan diagnosed with anxiety, depression and substance abuse disorders; with 90% of those in prison estimated to have mental illness; and less than 2% of mental health providers able to offer language and culturally sensitive mental health services, MSPP is preparing professionals to meet mental health needs that are compelling and culturally disparate.     

Our pedagogical model of Experiential Education is the optimal method of instruction for mental health professionals as it integrates rigorous academic instruction with closely-supervised clinical experience.  Graduates leave MSPP with thousands of hours of experience in the very practice settings that they will assume upon completing their degrees.  Experienced professionals serve as supervisors and instructors who attend to the Personal Growth of their students through advising meetings, group discussion and weekly, individual hours of supervision.

MSPP is evolving into a “college of psychology” with a learning environment of experienced faculty and courses of instruction that allow students to specialize in such areas of need as Clinical Psychology, School Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Organizational Psychology and Executive Coaching.  These training programs equip professionals to work as consultants and clinicians in schools, courts, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, detox and recovery programs, community mental health centers, business and private practice with children, adults and families.  This faculty and the student body support each other by sharing research findings, clinical experience and insight from their specialty areas of mental health.

Our special commitment to language and culturally sensitive mental health care brings students to Costa Rica, Ecuador and other Spanish-speaking countries to increase language fluency and an awareness of cultural differences that might impact treatment.  A similar program of volunteer work and instruction brings students and faculty to Baton Rouge Louisiana several times during the year.  The school’s investment in recruiting military veterans, who can become mental health providers with the clinical skills and special insight into the emotional needs of servicepersons and their families, is a further example of its investment in culturally sensitive care.

Fieldwork in more than 250 hospitals, clinics, schools, businesses and non-profit organizations provides a rare opportunity to educate our students while enhancing the mental health services and psychological sophistication of our partner organizations.  Whether this effort is at the level of coaching senior executives, assessing student needs in schools, working in the courts, helping medical patients to cope more effectively with an illness or helping adults to understand themselves better, MSPP’s integrative model of instruction provides a value-based education that trains professionals who are able to “Meet the Need and Make a Difference.”

The Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology is approved for training by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, the American Psychological Association and is creating a school psychology program according to the guidelines of the National Association of School Psychologists.

We welcome your interest, ideas, energy and the opportunity to work with you to create your future. Thank you for your interest in us.

Nicholas A. Covino, PsyD (click here for bio)

Updated 4/7/15

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