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Integrative Learning

Integrative Learning

Educational Philosophy

MSPP is dedicated to providing students with a unique educational experience, featuring an integrated academic program with intensive supervised clinical practice beginning in the first year of training. This integrative model enables our students to develop a mastery of academic psychology along with the clinical skills necessary to succeed in their professional lives. Some of the many hallmarks of our school include a commitment to academic excellence and teaching, a focus on individual attention, an eagerness to adapt to changes in professional practice and community needs, and a guarantee to train our students to deliver mental health services in a variety of settings to a widespread population under the close supervision of experienced professionals.

Individual Attention

MSPP enjoys a well-deserved reputation for its commitment to addressing the individual needs of students throughout its programs. The learning experience of every MSPP student is maximized through the ongoing individual attention that faculty, field supervisors and staff offer to students as teachers, advisors and mentors. This supportive community atmosphere is a critical component of what makes MSPP an exceptional choice for graduate school. Compared with a national average of 50% for graduate school completion, more than 90% of those who enroll at MSPP have successfully completed their graduate education..

Professional Field Education Office

A trademark of MSPP is our eagerness to provide all of our students with a diverse portfolio of experience upon graduation. Students from all programs are immersed in practicum training at the start of their work at MSPP. These learning experiences allow students to apprentice themselves to skilled practitioners in real-life situations and to receive hours of individualized instruction from experienced practitioners.

“MSPP has a professional Field Education office with a comprehensive network of more than 200 training sites. Student placements include community mental health centers, hospitals, child guidance clinics, court clinics, college counseling centers, schools, private agencies, and corporate settings. New sites are developed each year to meet the evolving needs and interests of MSPP students and programs. The experienced Field Education staff meets with each student to facilitate the best match of student learning needs and practicum opportunities.

Service to the Community

As our students learn, they bring more than 180,000 hours of direct service to underserved populations in more than 200 placement sites.

Our commitment to cultural and linguistically competent mental health care led to the creation of the Latino Mental Health Training Program and our summer Spanish immersion programs. Students at MSPP are challenged to integrate knowledge from diverse sources to become professionals who approach and synthesize what is unfamiliar to them and bring mental health care to a wide range of people. .

Student Body

MSPP welcomes applications that will result in a diverse student body reflecting the school’s dedication to creating a learning environment that appreciates differences in race, color, religion, national and ethnic origin, sex, age, sexual orientation, political belief, and disability. The capacity to engage diverse points of view and to learn from unfamiliar cultures, persons and experiences is an essential element of excellence in education and professional practice. An education at MSPP strives to develop such competency in all of its students.


The Alumni of MSPP are the most dramatic evidence of our programs’ strengths and benefits. Our alumni hold professional positions in a wide variety of settings including outpatient clinics, schools, community mental health centers, hospitals, universities, corporations, and private practice. Alumni report great satisfaction with the education they received at MSPP and with their career since graduation.

Our alumni are involved with students beginning at the application process until the time they also become practicing professionals.

Academic Excellence & Practitioner Faculty

As a school, we are committed to creating an optimal learning environment for all of our students. The comprehensive curriculum and wide variety of field placements for applied clinical work provide students with a breadth of theoretical knowledge and the opportunity for specialized training. We educate professionals who become “instruments of change” through the development of self-awareness, academic knowledge, technical excellence, and awareness of individual and contextual differences.

The Faculty of MSPP is an experienced group of professionals with diverse theoretical perspectives and areas of expertise. .

Updated 10/12/07

Students are impressed by...

“The enthusiasm, genuine kindness, and supportive nature of the faculty and staff.”

“Strength of clinical training and opportunity to serve
the community”

“The environment created by MSPP left a lasting impression on me—the people were extremely friendly.
I could easily see myself being comfortable and successful professionally.”

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