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MSPP Faculty


Wynn Schwartz, PhD

University of Colorado-Boulder, 1976

Dr. Schwartz did his undergraduate studies at Duke University and received his Ph.D. in clinical and experimental psychology at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He trained as a research psychoanalyst at the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute. He is on the core faculty of The Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology and the faculties of Harvard Medical School and Harvard Extension School. He has been a professor at Wellesley College and has taught at the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute and the Massachusetts Institute of Psychoanalysis. He maintains a psychotherapy and supervision practice in Boston where he works with individuals and couples. Dr. Schwartz has been interested in clarifying fundamental aspects of the subject matters of psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, dreaming, and hypnosis. His experimental studies have focused on dreaming, memory, and problem representation, and on hypnosis and episodic memory. As a student of Descriptive Psychology, Dr. Schwartz has been especially interested in theory-free, pre- empirical formulations of action and responsibility, the concept of “hypnosis”, the limits and nature of psychotherapy, and the social construction of empathy. Currently he is writing on the role of liberation and play in psychotherapy..

Updated 3/10/14

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