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Contact MSPP

How To Contact MSPP

Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology (MSPP)
One Wells Avenue
Newton, MA 02459
Phone: 617- 327-6777
Fax: 617-327-4447

Phone: 617-327-6777 x1506 or x1507
Fax: 617-477-2010

Continuing Education
Mailing Address: One Wells Avenue, Newton, MA 02459
Phone: 617-244-1682
Fax: 617-617-244-1072

617-327-6777 x1506 or x1507

Alumni Relations

Continuing Education
Toll Free: 888-244-6843
Fax: 617-244-1072


Field Education

Financial Aid
617-327-6777 x1524

President's Office

Registrar's Office
617-327-6777 x1525

Academic Program Contacts:

Vice President for Academic Affairs
Stanley Berman

Chair, Clinical Psychology Department
Stacey Lambert

Chair, Counseling Psychology Department
Nilda M. Laboy
617-327-6777 x1481

  • Counseling Psychology, MA
  • Counseling Psychology & Community Mental Health, MA
  • Counseling Psychology & Couples & Family Therapy Program, MA
  • Counseling Psychology & Expressive Arts Therapy Program, MA
  • Counseling Psychology & Global Mental Health Program, MA
  • Counseling & Health Psychology, MA
  • Forensic & Counseling Psychology, MA

Organizational and Leadership Psychology Department
Kathryn Stanley

  • Leadership Psychology, PsyD
  • Applied Psychology in Higher Education Student Personnel Administration, MA
  • Media Psychology, MA
  • Organizational Psychology, MA

Chair, School Psychology Department
Arlene Silva

  • School Psychology, PsyD
  • School Psychology, MA/CAGS

Updated 3/4/15

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